Sunscreened and Pure glycerin

This is a pure product with purity of 99-101%. It’s used as an additive to products that do not contain enough moisturizers as well as used as a medical aid. The product is hygroscopic and therefore must be packed under stringent conditions away from moisture or high humidity.

Due to its purity, it’s a safe product for use topically and may be used as an additive to other products depending on the application.

The sun screened one is meant for plaited hair as a softener that prevents breaking hair and skin.

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  • Stani atieno
    13 January 2014

    Thank you so much for putting this together . Most of these seem like common sense but you only have to try to know for sure

  • Anna kimani
    10 January 2014

    I tried your formula and got amazing results thank you so much baseline.

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